500w Wind Turbine 24v - WT-500W

   Our 24v 500w Wind Turbine is our mid level Battery Charging Wind Turbine, weighing only 18kgs and with a wing span of just under 1.7m it can be attached to your home with ease. Typically our homeowners use a set of T and K brackets to ensure a secure mounting with little or no vibration.

Our WT-500W will be delivered to you in a double walled cardboard box to ensure a hassle free transportation and delivery service. We ship all of our Wind Turbines from stock so your new WT-500W 24v is only 2-3 days away from you.

Our Patented generator has a low start up torque and has a high return on wind energy.

The Teflon High Temperature wire we use will not be damaged when you use a brake switch to stop the Turbine spinning in hurricane force winds.

Shipped with an appropriate Charge Controller.


Rated Power                    500w
Maximimum Power        600w
Voltage                              24v
Startup Wind Speed        2.5m/s ( 6mph or 5 knots )
Rated Wind Speed           10m/s ( 22mph or 19 knots )
Weight                               29kgs
Wing Span                         1.7m
Blades                                3 ( Nylon Fibre )
Body                                   Aluminium Alloy
Control System                 Electromagnet
Tower Height                    6m Guyed

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500w Wind Turbine 24v - Battery Charger

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