Off Grid 5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter 48v

   Our Off Grid 5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter is a class apart, it seamlessly converts 48v DC from your Battery Bank into mains electricity to power your TV, your Phone, your PC, Tablet, Laptop your washing machine and even your Thread-mill if you have one at home.

Pure Sine Wave is the standard of electricity that your Grid Supplier gives you and so our Power Inverter can easily run all of your home appliances provided your Solar and Turbine and battery bank are large enough.

A typical family of 5 living in a 3,000sqf house will need 3 of these Off Grid 5Kw Hybrid Power Inverters depending on their current electricity consumption.

To get the most out of these Power Inverters you would need a minimum of 18 x 400w Solar panels , A 5kw Wind Turbine and 16 x 200amp batteries.

To run a large house you would need 44 Solar panels , 4 of these Off Grid Power Inverters, 16 of our 200amp batteries and our 5kw Wind Turbine 48v plus the 5kw charge controller and the 5kw Dumpload.

If you want us to specify a system for you please do get in touch.

Output: 120V AC ±5%, 50/60Hz
Surge power: 10,000VA for 30 seconds
Battery voltage: 48V
Max PV array open ciruit voltage: >450VDC
MPPT 48V 80A: Built in MPPT 48V 80A
Overload and short circuit protection

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Off Grid 5Kw Hybrid Power Inverter 48v

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