• Air X 400W Wind Turbine Marine

Air X 400W Wind Turbine Marine - White

   Designed and built by Southwest Windpower in the USA this Original Marine White 400w Wind Turbine is USA built and strong as an OX. Built to withstand even the strongest winds this is one Turbine you can put up and forget about, it just keeps turning as long as the wind is blowing.

This Original White Marine version model outputs 12v DC so its perfect for battery charging 1 x 12v or 2 x 6v.

You can if you wish convert this Southwest Windpower 400w Wind Turbine from 12v DC to Wild AC and then use a rectifier to convert back to DC for battery charging. ( This will void your warranty but increase the power output of this turbine )


Rated Power                    400w
Maximimum Power        410w ( restricted )
Voltage                              48v dc
Startup Wind Speed        2.5m/s ( 6mph or 5 knots )
Rated Wind Speed           10m/s ( 22mph or 19 knots )
Weight                                12kgs
Wing Span                          1.55m
Blades                                 3 ( Nylon Fibre )
Body                                     Aluminium Alloy
Control System                  Electromagnet
Tower Height                      6m Guyed

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Air X 400W Wind Turbine Marine

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