• Hot Tub Heat Pump

Hot Tub Heat Pump

   Our brand new design is here and ready to be shipped to you today, You can now heat your Hot Tub / Jacuzzi very inexpensively by running our ASHP which can work in every US state.

The running cost of our ASHP will amaze you at how little electricity it uses, COP figures are typical in excess of 5 which means for every unit of electricity our ASHP uses you get in excess of 5 units of useable heat, Output water temperature has been restricted to 80F which is the perfect water temperature to relax into

   Trouble free plastic housing guarantees no rust and very suitable for coastal areas. We build using titanium heat exchanger's in a PVC shell for corrosion resistance and to ensure a long service life. 1 " water pipe connection going in and out ensures a high water flow rate

A 6M Head water Pump also is required to drive the water through this Hot Tub ASHP

Insufficient water flow protection and high/low pressure protection.
Auto defrosting protection, ensures reliable running at cold ambient temperatures.
Clean water heating. Suitable for Tub / Jacuzzi use.
Pallet packing for easy container loading.    
Widely choose for heating capacity.  
USA Certified.

Buy Your Hot Tub Heat Pump from Carbonfreeheat USA, your US low cost delivery store.

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Hot Tub Heat Pump

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