12v , 24v or 48v ?

12v , 24v or 48v ? I hear you, its a question we get a lot. In our experience if you have 1 Deep Cycle battery then 12v is best, if you have 2 Deep Cycle batteries then 24v is best and if you have 4 or more Deep Cycle batteries then our 48v Wind Turbines would be best for you. Apart from the greater voltage with our 48v Turbines you will need a smaller gauge electric cable to run from the Turbine to your battery bank.

If you compare a 12v Wind Turbine and a 48v Wind Turbine co-located 100 yards away from your battery bank then the cable run for the 48v Wind Turbine will be a third of the cost of the cable needed for the 12v Wind Turbine.

Higher Voltage travels further over a smaller cable than say 12v over the same cable, those of you who studied Physics in College may remenber learning this ?