• Retro Fit 17kw Air Source Heat Pump

Retro Fit 17kw Air Source Heat Pump 58,000 Btu's

  This Retro Fit Air to Water Heat Pump 17Kw has been specifically designed for the US market and as such it has a Sanyo Compressor running R407C refrigerant and the unit is housed in a Stainless Steel cabinet for long term anti corrosion resistance.

Why R407C ? Well in short we only use R407C as it has a high heat output and it is NON OZONE depleting.

These Retro Fit 17Kw air source heat pumps can generate up to 58,000 Btu's of energy so it will be more than enough to satisfy the heating and hot water needs for a typical detached or semi-detached 4/8 bedroomed house in the Northern states of the USA.

This unit comes with Wifi enabled so you can control the temperature output from the comfort of your house or office via your Smartphone.

If you already have an outside Oil Boiler then installation is very straight forward, simply get your local Plumber to remove your Oil Boiler and ask him/ her to replace it with this Retro Fit Air Source 17kw Heat Pump. Same pipes and electricity supply can be used so no need for a dig up, a site survey or a costly run of new copper piping.

If you live in a house with a mains gas supply then the install can still be simple. You will need to contact a Gas registered Plumber who will be able to install this Retro Fit Air to Water 17kw Heat Pump for you.

Tools required for this install?

1 X Pipe cutter for 1" Copper Pipe
1 X Pipe Cutter for 1" Plastic pipe
2 X 1" spanners to tighten compression nuts

The running costs for this Retro Fit Air source 17kw HeatPump is typically a reduction of 75% on your existing Oil Bill or 65% on your existing gas bill. On test in Minnesota last winter the cost per day to heat a 5 bedroom house was $6 per day assuming the heat came on at 6am and went off at 11pm. Less than the cost of a coffee and Bun at your local coffee stop.

When humans and animals breathe, we give off an odorless gas called carbon dioxide, or CO2. Plants use this gas, along with sunlight, to make food in a process called photosynthesis. In this process, plants give off oxygen, too! However, large amounts of CO2 are also produced when cars and power plants burn coal, oil, and gasoline. CO2 is also the most important contributor to human-caused global warming. So why add to this by heating your house with Oil, gas , coal, turf or wood, choose the option that will leave a better world for our kids, our grandchildren and all of those that come after us.

Model                                                     AW-17KW
Flow Rate                                               60L/minute
Refrigerant                                             R407C
Rated Heating Capacity                       17KW
Air temp 7C Water 45C                       58,000BTU's
COP when A=7C W=45C                      3.3
Heating Power Input                            5.2KW
Power Supply                                        120-240v Single Phase 50 / 60Hz
Max Out Water Temperature             65C
Working Temperature                         minus 7 to plus 43 C
Running Current                                  24.2Amps
Compressor Quantity                         1
Compressor Type                               Sanyo Scroll
Fans                                                       2

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Retro Fit 17kw Air Source Heat Pump

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